About AfriCAN Climate

The AfriCAN Climate Project

AfriCAN Climate is a project co-funded by the European Commission within the 7th FRAMEWORK PROGRAMME. The project was set up by a team of 5 African and 5 European organisations, including research institutes and networks, and runs from October 2011 to September 2014.

The AfriCAN Climate Portal

The AfriCAN Climate Portal is an innovative web-based knowledge platform for the sharing of climate change research and good practices.
The portal employs innovative and creative web functionalities to harmonise multilingual, interdisciplinary and pan-continental climate change knowledge and to encourage project developers and stakeholders to learn and benefit from Africa’s challenges and success stories.

The AfriCAN Climate Portal targets a wide variety of climate change stakeholders: researchers, field practitioners, project developers, development partners, NGOs, local/national governments and farmers organisations. AfriCAN Climate users can be found in the PEOPLE section. Through internet news feeds and a newsletter, users receive regular updates on project progress, case studies, as well as information on the latest resources and financial opportunities. Online GROUPS form various dissemination partnerships, facilitating knowledge sharing and maximising networking opportunities.

Climate change KNOWLEDGE, relating to scientific research, indigenous knowledge, and policies are collected in the form of articles, publications, news, project initiatives, organisational links and networks. These knowledge resources are organised under the headings RESEARCH and POLICY.

To help practitioners on the ground, case studies of GOOD PRACTICES are show-cased by climate change experts. In order to assess the applicability and transferability of project interventions, case studies are evaluated against eight principles of sustainability to assess their financial, economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Climate change projects require financial support. Guidelines on existing financing mechanisms (such as emissions trading and development bank co-finance streams) are available on the portal as well as up to date public and private financing opportunities to support future project developers. This information can be found under FINANCING.

The AfriCAN Climate Portal provides climate change fact sheets for each African COUNTRY in the most widely spoken languages. The fact sheets provide information on the current and projected status of climate, natural resources and, agriculture. They also state key climate vulnerabilities.


  Click here to dowload the AfriCAN Climate leaflet.

Video presentation of AfriCAN Climate project – Interview with project coordinator Martha Bissmann (5 min.) 



The AfriCAN Climate Consortium

The European-African project consortium brings in high profile expertise to cover all thematic climate change research and action areas: Adaption and mitigation research, future climate scenarios, climate policy, applied research in good practices and climate project financing. The consortium gathers the following 10 organisations:



Project coordinator:

WIP Renewable Energies
Munich, Germany

Person(s) in charge of AfriCAN Climate:
Martha Bissmann
Silvia Cazzetta
Rainer Janssen


Project partners:

ENDA Tiers Monde
Dakar, Senegal

Person(s) in charge of AfriCAN Climate:
Touria Dafrallah


FANRPAN – The Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network of Southern Africa
Pretoria, South Africa

Person(s) in charge of AfriCAN Climate:
Sepo Hachigonta


University of the Witwatersrand
Johannesburg, South Africa

Person(s) in charge of AfriCAN Climate:
Mary Scholes
David Furniss


World Agroforestry Centre
Nairobi, Kenya

Person(s) in charge of AfriCAN Climate:
Iiyama Miyuki


ICPAC – IGAD Climate Prediction and Application Centre
Nairobi, Kenya

Person(s) in charge of AfriCAN Climate:
Luke Omondi Olang


Imperial College
London, United Kingdom

Person(s) in charge of AfriCAN Climate:
Rocio Diaz-Chavez


P.A.U. Education
Barcelona, Spain

Person(s) in charge of AfriCAN Climate:
Agnès Aguilo
Javier Soto
Stacy Prendeville


Technical University of Denmark / UNEP Risoe Centre
Roskilde, Denmark

Person(s) in charge of AfriCAN Climate:
James Arthur Haselip
Lars Christiansen
Anne Olhoff
Mathilde Brix


Practical Action
Rugby, United Kingdom

Person(s) in charge of AfriCAN Climate:
Teodoro Sanchez-Campos


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