‘Solid–fluid–gas’: the state of knowledge on carbon-sequestration potential of agroforestry systems in Africa

Scientific journal
The authors of this paper note that although agroforestry is accepted as an efficient means of carbon sequestration, the lack of rigorous scientific procedures for estimating and reporting its potential affects the usefulness of reports. It also makes comparisons of its effectiveness under differing environments difficult. They therefore call for standardised procedures for measuring carbon sequestration of agroforestry systems.
Marco Schmidt http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agroforestry#mediaviewer/File:Faidherbia_albida.JPG

The perception that agroforestry systems have higher potential to sequester carbon than comparable single-species crop systems or pasture systems is based on solid scientific foundation. However, the estimates of carbon stock of agroforestry systems in Africa — reported to range from 1.0 to 18.0 Mg C ha−1 in aboveground biomass and up to 200 Mg C ha−1 in soils, and their C sequestration potential from 0.4 to 3.5 Mg C ha−1 yr−1–are based on generalizations and vague or faulty assumptions and therefore are of poor scientific value. Although agroforestry initiatives are promising pathways for climate-change mitigation, rigorous scientific procedures of carbon sequestration estimations are needed for realizing their full potential.

PK Ramachandran Nair, Vimala D Nair
Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability


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