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The Livestock and Environment Toolbox is an electronic decision support tool for policy makers, planers and project leaders, to enable them to assess interactions between livestock and the environment. It helps the decision makers to identify appropriate technology and policy interventions within the domain of animal production-environment interactions. The global livestock sector is undergoing dramatic changes. Fuelled by a growing population, rising income and growing urbanisation, demand for livestock products in the developing world is expected to double over the next two decades.

Increased production in any enterprise is likely to have negative consequences for the environment, unless steps are taken to ensure that the natural resource base (land, vegetation, water, air and biodiversity) can be sustained while still increasing food production.

Present systems of livestock production have both positive (e.g. enhancing soil fertility through application of manure) and negative (e.g. pollution of water courses through improper disposal of effluent from processing plants) consequences for the environment, at local, regional and international levels.

This Toolbox has been designed to help those less familiar with these interactions to identify which ones should be enhanced (positive) or mitigated (negative) and how to achieve those goals.

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