knowledge-base description

The AfriCAN Climate Platform provides a knowledge database on Climate Change Adaptation, Mitigation and Policies. The knowledge items are focused on three levels: (i) Scientific research results, (ii) Indigenous knowledge and (c) Policy. The format of the knowledge collected in the database includes links to organisations, other platforms, initiatives and networks, articles and publications.

The knowledge base items on climate change adaptation include European or African/European research initiatives within the following key thematic areas: water, energy, agriculture and fisheries, forestry, gender, health, and poverty.

The knowledge base on mitigation includes the following key thematic areas: renewable energy, efficient energy use and energy conservation, sustainable transport, urban planning, land use management, reforestation and avoided deforestation, greenhouse gases emission reductions, and population control.

 Additional topics in the knowledge database include indigenous knowledge, policy, risk assessment and decision support tools.