International Conference on “Innovation for Sustainability under Climate Change and Green Growth/Economy"

The inaugural international conference on Innovation for Sustainability under Climate Change and Green Growth/Economy will be held from the 26th-28th of May 2015 in Johannesburg, South Africa. The central theme of this event which will bring together academics,CEOs and entrepreneurs is innovation that will enable economies to thrive and be sustainable amidst climate variability.The conference has 4 thematic areas: Business and Biodiversity; Energy and Energy Management; Water Connections, Global Change and Sustainability; and Climate Change and Green Economy/Growth Transition.

Innovation and sustainability! This is probably what the world under multiple global challenges and crises such as environmental degradation, biodiversity loss, climate change, energy crisis, financial crisis, water stress, governance poverty etc. needs now and into the future. Contrary to the common views, innovation must not be necessarily rocket science. Innovation is simply, an idea that can be natured into greatness through inspiring services and goods. In this case, goods and services that will see humanity address the challenges of climate change within the green growth/economy transition set up. As observed by the Africa Development Bank (2013), at the centre of green growth are issues pertaining to a need to depart from the business as usual (BAU) growth path that is resource intensive and leading to the depletion of natural and other resources and to move to a business unusual path that is less resource intensive and efficient. In his keynote address during South Africa’s Green Growth Summit in 2010, President Zuma highlighted that “we have no option but to manage our natural resources in a sustainable way” and “We have no choice but to develop a green economy”. These are issues that this conference addresses through four thematic areas namely: Business and Biodiversity, Energy and Energy Management, Water Connections, Global Change and Sustainability, and Climate Change and Green Economy/Growth Transition.


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Energy efficiency and conservation
Renewable energy
Management and/or conservation of land use