Integrated Waste Management in Western Africa

IWWA aims to establish and promote Integrated Solid Waste Management systems (ISWM) in western African countries by empowering all stakeholders participating in the waste management chain, through the reinforcement of institutional and legal frameworks and open transfer of knowledge and technology.

Most African countries are struggling to promote better long-term living conditions in a sustainable manner. Urbanisation growth together with changing lifestyles and consumption patterns are putting extreme pressure on the environment and the population.

In this context, waste management is emerging as a key sector for sustainable development in many countries where the situation is becoming troubling. Poor waste management practices along with the lack of a functional waste management system (especially in rural areas) are the origin of several persistent problems such as an inefficient garbage collection, a poor public compliance with waste segregation, the uncontrolled open burning of waste, etc. Furthermore, valuable resources are lost due to inefficient or non-existing recycling systems.

The establishment of an appropriate waste management structure at the national, regional and local level is a milestone that must be achieved in order to improve the living and health conditions of citizens while protecting the environment. Such structure will also contribute to a more efficient use of resources as well as to the promotion of a sustainable development.

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