Good Practice

The term ‘good practice’ can mean many things, depending on the context. Therefore, as a platform that aims to bring together experiences from across the continent of Africa, we have identified eight sustainability ‘principles’ against which specific projects can assessed, providing as much critical reflection as possible from individuals involved in project implementation.

We take the pragmatic view that good practice must refer to “something that works”, as well as being widely approved by local stakeholders. In order to enter the platform projects must aim to mitigate and/or adapt to climate change and either have been finalised, or at an advanced stage of implementation. This is the basic ‘filter’ used by the AfriCAN platform editors to select and / or approve specific projects.

It is hoped that the platform will stimulate debate within AfriCAN’s online communities on what good practice projects are, or can be, in the specific context of climate change mitigation and adaptation in Africa.

The 8 principles of Good Practice

The 8 good practice 'principles' outlined below represent critical cross cutting issues shared by the majority of climate change projects, regardless of mitigation/adaptation focus, scope and scale. The principles are intended to encourage critical reflection from project stakeholders and help them draw out relevant lessons of interest to a broader audience of African stakeholders and project developers.

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