Gender and Climate Change Adaptation: Tools for Community-level Action in Nigeria

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Planning tool


Gender CBA
In keeping with the Gender Equality (GE)strategy, the BNRCC (Building Nigeria’s Response to Climate Change) toolkit contains practical guidelines for stakeholders, project partners and staff on how to ensure that gender equality issues are integrated in the concept, design, implementation and evaluation of climate change-related projects. The guide is grounded in the lessons learned in the pilot projects as well as the experiences of communities and the wider BNRCC community who had the opportunity, through workshops, to comment and provide input into the final product.

In keeping with the Gender Equality (GE)strategy, the BNRCC Gender and Climate Change Toolkit was developed to provide BNRCC project partners and stakeholders with a basicunderstanding of the concept of gender and how to apply a gender perspective to climate change adaptation projects. Now the toolkit is intended to be used more broadly: by all climate change practitioners in Nigeria. The toolkit outlines why attention to gender is important and how this approach can be mainstreamed throughout climate change work in Nigeria.

 The toolkit contains practical guidelines for stakeholders, project partners and staff on how to ensure that gender  quality issues are integrated in the concept, design, implementation and evaluation of climate change-related projects.

Specifically, the toolkit is designed to:

i. Provide a resource on the basic concepts of gender mainstreaming, analysis and planning

ii. Increase awareness and reduce the gender bias that informs individual attitudes towards gender equity work

iii. Provide basic knowledge and tools to effectively mainstream gender equity strategies throughout different stages of climate change projects

iv. Assist researchers and policy planners to integrate gender equity and equality as an  essential component of climate change policy and programs.

The toolkit has been designed to be user-friendly, containing practical and accessible information grouped within 4 modules:

+++ Module 1. Overview of the Key Concepts of Gender: explains the core concept as well as related terms in order to deepen the understanding of gender, climate change and development.

+++ Module 2. Climate Change and Development: discusses key concepts in climate change and links these phenomena to gender, emphasizing the need to understand these linkages and their implications for efficient and sustainable development in the Nigerian context.

++ + Module 3. Gender Sensitive Approach to Climate Change Adaptation: provides practical guidance on how to mainstream gender issues into every stage of development work in climate change, from policy to research, to intervention design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

+++ Module 4. Tools to Ensure Gender Integration in Climate Change Projects: provides examples of useful tools for research and community-based projects that can facilitate gender integration in climate change work


This toolkit seeks to provide roadmaps to ensure gender integration in all stages and aspects of climate change projects and policy across Nigeria and examines the effectiveness of BNRCC pilot projects and to a large extent, in African countries.


This toolkit is developped through the Gender Equality approach which included integrating gender-specific measures in keycomponents of the project

The Tool

Please download the PDF Guide


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gender equality; Gender Equality Framework ; Gender Integration Checklist; Gender-Sensitive Stakeholder Analysis; Gender Monitoring Matrix; community-based adaptation; mainstreaming; financing; monitoring; evaluation; policy

Country where the tool is in use


Target audience

The toolkit is designed to provide useful information on development approaches and

activities relating to gender and climate change for BNRCC's project partners and other

stakeholders as they move forward in their climate change work. The information can be

applied and adapted for different uses, including research, community-level pilot projects,

outreach/ education efforts, and policy work.

In general, this toolkit is designed to be relevant for the following stakeholders:

Legislative members in federal and state levels of government

Planners and decision-makers in Ministries, including the Ministries of Environment,

Housing and Urban Development; Agriculture and Water Resources; Women's

Affairs and Social Development; Health; Education; Information; Finance; Justice;

the National Planning Commission; and the Energy Commission

Agencies such as the Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET), the National

Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) and State Environmental Protection

Agencies who have responsibility for managing the Nigerian environment

Universities and research institutions

Professional and scientific associations

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Faith-Based Organizations (FBOs),

Community-Based Organizations (CBOs)

Local community leaders

Members of the media