Future Climate for Africa

01-07-2014 – 01-12-2019
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Future Climate for Africa, is a new five-year international research programme jointly funded by the UK’s Department for International Development and the Natural Environment Research Council. It supports research to better understand climate variability and change across sub-Saharan Africa. Its focus will be on advancing scientific knowledge, understanding and prediction of African climate variability and change on 5 to 40 years, and support for better integration of science into long-term decision making, improving climate risk management and the protection of lives and livelihoods.

The aim of the FCFA research programme is to support research to better understand and improve confidence in predictions of climate variability and change across sub-Saharan Africa on timescales to inform adaptation. The programme will have a major focus on climate science and modelling, underpinned by the principles of informing real decisions, emphasis on enhancing the usefulness of climate science and projections, and by adopting a multidisciplinary approach.

Research will be structured around three pillars, which will be complemented by activities focussed on building user-demand, knowledge and skills, and strengthening scientific capacity in Africa.

  1. World leading scientific research to build knowledge and enhance prediction: Advancing knowledge of African climate variability and change in areas critical to inform long-lived decisions; develop and evaluate models with an 'African lens'; assess uncertainties and extract useful information.
  2. Research to support better integration of science into decision making: Better understand the barriers to uptake; develop and test tools and methods to better integrate science into decision-making.
  3. Targeted research to bring knowledge into use in real decisions: Working with users, conduct pilot studies to test and demonstrate the application information and tools for real decisions.

FCFA will deliver (i) increased availability and use of high-quality, robust climate information across Africa and greater expertise on how to apply this in practice, (ii) improved long-term decision making and investments by stakeholders in climate-sensitive areas, and (iii) sustained improvements in climate services (eg early warnings, climate scenarios, expertise) across Africa.

This will contribute to poverty alleviation through increasing resilience and reducing the impacts of climate hazards such as flooding and drought and longer term climate change on poor communities.


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