ESKOM, the South African Electricity Utility is committed to the implementation of renewable energy and to “low carbon development. It will implement, in the short future a 200MW renewable energy project, 50% generated from wind energy resources and the other 50% from Solar Power Concentrators

The Project Development Objective (PDO) will consist of investments in renewable energy. Component 1 will include the 100 MW Sere Wind Power Project whilst Component 2 includes the 100 MW Upington Concentrating Solar Power Project.

Component 1.-The Western Cape Province Wind Energy Facility, also called the Sere Wind Power Project will be located 300 km north of Cape Town near the town of Skaapvlei. This 100 MW wind farm will comprise the installation of forty to fifty wind turbines 2.0 to 2.5 MW. This wind farm will be connected to the closest grid is a 132 kV transmission line located 40 kms away.

Component 2: Concentrating Solar Power project (CSP), is a Grid-connected solar thermal power generation system located in Upington, comparable to what is currently provided by coal-fired power plants. The CSP plant is being developed on a pilot and demonstration basis and if successful, will demonstrate South Africa's role as leading the low carbon energy agenda for the sub region, with scale-up potential in SAPP countries, including Botswana and Namibia (with an estimated potential of over 20 GW). As such, CS Power in the medium term could play a major role in the provision of electricity in South Africa and in the continent


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