Community-Based Risk Screening Tool – Adaptation and Livelihoods

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Evaluation System


CRiSTAL is a project-planning tool that helps users design activities that support climate adaptation (adaptation to climate variability and change) at the community level. Community-based: CRiSTAL focuses on projects at the local community level. Risk Screening: CRiSTAL helps users to identify and prioritize climate risks that their projects might address. Adaptation and Livelihoods: CRiSTAL helps users to identify livelihood resources most important to climate adaptation (adaptation to climate variability and change) and uses these as a basis for designing adaptation strategies.


CRiSTAL relies on information collected from desk-based review and stakeholder consultations at the local level (community and other local experts) using participatory methods.

The Tool

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Coastal zone management
Disaster risk management
Fragile Ecosystems
Water Management


Risk Screening

Country where the tool is in use

South America

Target audience

CRiSTAL targets project planners and managers working at the local or community level. However, a wide range of other actors may also use the tool (including policy-makers and decision makers).