Agroforestry solutions to address food security and climate change challenges in Africa

Scientific journal
Agroforestry is the integrated land use management technique which incorporates woody perennials (trees or shrubs) with non-woody agricultural crops and/or livestock, and it could help to achieve climate change mitigation and adaptation while providing additional ecosystem service benefits for smallholder farmers in Africa. If it is widely adopted it could improve food security. The authors say that in order to achieve this cultivation methods need to be revised and farmers need to be supported through public policies.

Trees inside and outside forests contribute to food security in Africa in the face of climate variability and change. They also provide environmental and social benefits as part of farming livelihoods. Varied ecological and socio-economic conditions have given rise to specific forms of agroforestry in different parts of Africa. Policies that institutionally segregate forest from agriculture miss opportunities for synergy at landscape scale. More explicit inclusion of agroforestry and the integration of agriculture and forestry agendas in global initiatives on climate change adaptation and mitigation can increase their effectiveness. We identify research gaps and overarching research questions for the contributions in this special issue that may help shape current opinion in environmental sustainability.

Mbow, C., Neufeldt, H., Minang, P. A., Luedeling, E., Kowero, G.
Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability


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