What is Kudos?

What is kudos

Kudos (from Greek meaning glory/praise) is a scoring system to acknowledge the activity of portal members. Each activity of registered users on the portal is awarded a numerical value which is associated with the member’s profile. In other words: The higher the number of Kudos a member has, the more active the user is. 

Below is a list of Kudos points awarded for each activity:


Personal profile
Activity Score
Register  300 points
Become a member of a group 100 points
Become a facilitator of a group 500 points


Activity Score
Rating a portal item  5 points


Activity Score
Propose a portal item (News, project, publication, tools) 200 points
Propose a content item for Group 100 points
Propose a new group 500 points
Activity Score
Post a Good Practice case 400 points
Blog post or comment 100 points
Activity Score
Login to the portal. Maximum 50 kudos per week 50 points
No login to the portal during a month -100 points


* The points are awarded when content is proposed/published by the user. However, points will be deducted, if content is rejected/deleted by the editorial team.