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There are few continents where the management of water resources is as closely related with the wellbeing of its people as in Africa. The relevance of water management in Africa is clear, not only in relation to food supply and development, but also in relation to water related diseases.

Additionally, the prudent management of this scarce resource will become increasingly important as the pressure on it increases due to the growing and developing population of Africa, as will the availability of the resource itself due to the changing climate.
In response to these challenges, the European Commission published in 2010 a call for proposals to address some of the Science & Technology objectives of the "Africa – EU Strategic Partnership", putting emphasis on "Water and Food Security and a "Better Health for Africa".In 2011, the projects focusing on water related issues that were awarded under this ‘’Africa Call’ joined forces in the AU EU Africa cluster. The objective of this cluster are to facilitate exchange of information and knowledge between African and European scientists, stimulate synergies and increase the impact of the projects through coordinated dissemination actions.

The water related issues addressed in this cluster are:

  • Water and irrigated farming systems (EAU4Food)
  • Water harvesting (WAHARA)
  • Natural resources management (AFROMAISON)
  • Drought monitoring, forecasting and adaptation (DEWFORA)
  • Waste water treatment by means of biotechnology (WATERBIOTECH)
  • Water-related vector-borne diseases (HEALTHY FUTURES)

Additionally, one project, AfriCAN Climate, aims at disseminating research results and good practices in the entire climate change knowledge field.


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